Lena Zuchowski


Ass.-Prof. DDr Lena C. Zuchowski
Universität Salzburg
Department of Philosophy
Franziskanergasse 1
5020 Salzburg

Tel.: ++43/662/8044-4082
Email: lenaDOTzuchowskiATSIGNsbgDOTacDOTat


Research interests:

  • Philosophy of science
  • Philosophy of physics
  • Chaos and complexity
  • Scientific modelling
  • Poincaré’s philosophy of science


Selected publications

L. C. Zuchowski (2017). A Philosophical Analysis of Chaos Theory. Springer: London. In production.

L. C. Zuchowski (2015). Revisiting Smale’s fourteenth problem to discover two definitions of chaos. In U. Mäki, I. Votis, S. Ruphy & G. Schurz (Ed.). Recent Developments in the Philosophy of Science: EPSA 2013 Helsinki. Springer:Heidelberg, pp. 277–292.

L. C. Zuchowski (2014). Gestalt switches in Poincaré’s prize paper: An inspiration for, but not an instance of, chaos. Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 47, 1 – 14.

L. C. Zuchowski (2013). For electrodynamic consistency. Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 44, 135 – 144.

L. C. Zuchowski (2012). Disentangling complexity from randomness and chaos. Entropy 14, 177 – 212.

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