Interdisciplinary workshop: Evidence, Uncertainty and Decision Making with a Particular Emphasis on Climate

Evidence, Uncertainty and Decision Making with a Particular Emphasis on Climate Science 

Interdisciplinary workshop with philosophers and scientists at the University of Salzburg

22-23 June 2017


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Arne Bathke (University of Salzburg)

Richard Bradley (LSE London)

Nancy Cartwright (University of Durham & University of California)

Andrea Fischer (IGF Innsbruck)

Roman Frigg (LSE London)

Robert Junker (University of Salzburg)

Andreas Lang (University of Salzburg)

Charlotte Werndl (University of Salzburg & LSE London)

Lena Zuchowski (University of Salzburg)



Thursday, June 22

2:00-2:50:  Richard Bradley (LSE London): Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Hurricances: Making decisions with catastrophe models.

2:50-3:40:  Andreas Lang (University of Salzburg): Climate impact on Earth surface systems — uncertainties unfolding

3:40-4:00:  Break (20 minutes)

4:00-4:50:  Robert Junker (University of Salzburg): Evidence and uncertainty in predicting plant responses to climate warning

4:50-5:40:  Lena Zuchowski (University of Salzburg): Scaling Mountains: Modelling Multi-Scale Geological Processes with Scale-Specific Models

5:40-5:50:  Break (10 minutes)

5:50-6:40:  Nancy Cartwright (University of Durham & University of California) & Sarah Wieten (University of Durham): What’s wrong with pragmatic trials?

Official Conference Dinner at 7 p.m. at the K&K restaurant

Friday, June 23

9:00-9:50:  Arne Bathke (University of Salzburg): How do you build a statistical model for real data – and draw valid conclusions?

9:50-10:40:  Charlotte Werndl (University of Salzburg & LSE London): Initial Conditions Dependence and Initial Conditions Uncertainty in Climate Science

10:40-11:00:  Break (20 minutes)

11:00-11:50:  Andrea Fischer (IGF Innsbruck): Iconic glacier changes: The role of theory in creating evidence and phenology of climate change

11:50-12:40:  Roman Frigg (LSE London): Expert Judgment for Climate Change Adaptation

Lunch at 1 p.m. at the Triangel restaurant


Visitors are very welcome to attend. Prior registration is not required, but we would be grateful to know in advance that you plan to attend (email to

Location: 5020 Salzburg, Churfürststraße 1, Faculty of Law, HS 202 (easiest access via Sigmund-Haffner Gasse)

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